Тест 2-11.


Comment on the following statement.

Some young people think their parents to be aggressive and can not understand a lot of problems of modern life, but some parents think the same of their children.
What is your opinion?

Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
— make an introduction (state the problem)
— express your personal opinion and reasons for it
— give arguments for the other point ofview and explain why you don’t agree with it
— draw a conclusion


Nowadays there is a problem of generation gap in our society. Many young people think that they realize the realities of modern life better than their parents. However, some parents think the same and try to be over-caring or even aggressive when their children do not obey them and live their own lives. So, who is right in the battle of fathers and children?
I strongly believe that the main problem is misunderstanding each other. Usually
young people want to be left on their own and think that their parents will not understand their problems and will run wild when they find out some problems their children have. So, adolescents tend to hide their feelings and emotions instead of discussing them with their parents. Many youngsters think that adults want them to do ridiculous things, their advice is rubbish and parents sometimes make them feel uncomfortable. However, many scientists claim that such behaviour is caused by children's wish to be independent and adult.
The other side of the coin is parents. Though they were young like their children, they sometimes look as if they forget about it. I mean that parents do not want their children to make mistakes and try to protect them. That is why they may be too strict and do not want to explain why they act in such a way.
In conclusion, I want to stress that parents and children should listen to each other and discuss all the problems. We should try to establish good relationships to avoid problems of misunderstanding in future.
259 words


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